*part of the project Short Stories of the Future

    We are entering new Space Era with dreams of brave new worlds and discoveries. The first Space Race was a series of marvelous scientific breakthroughs and a battle between two superpowers and their propagandas. 50 years later, much more technologically advanced and with new verve, the space race starts again. What really stands behind this effort? Is it just a basic human need to expand? Or is it something more? Every aspect of human knowledge and activity can become a part of the future expanse. We don't hesitate if the Moon or Mars are ready for colonization anymore - we just plan to go there. 'BEYOND' is about the dream, people and spirit that stand behind them in Poland. It is also about social change and scientific longing for Cosmos

    project implemented during ISSP Masterclass Programme 2018/2019 (Peter Bialobrzeski) and Parallel 2019/2020 (Joao Pina)